FxUnited – Company Important Updates & Withdrawal


FxUnited Administrator
Jan 22 2017

Dear valued clients,

We just want to share some updates on the IMA & outstanding withdrawal payments.

As of today we are pleased to say that the response to the IMA has started to pick up allowing us to be able to make some profits. This in return is helping us to keep our commitment towards you….we have started to configure the payment listing. Even though the payout is huge we are willing to meet the challenge and would like to thank each and everyone of you for your patience and understanding.

We must say here that we went through some extremely hard times not forgetting you as well but we can assure you that not many brokerage houses would have been able to or rather willing to sustain as long as we have. Look around you there are many brokerages houses that have collapsed after 6 months in the business but we prevailed because we believe it is our commitment to all of you who have trusted and invested in us.

We would like to thank all the teams for their support especially in the IMA. Reports received from various departments prove that the IMA will progress positively. Here we humbly request that nobody gets involved in any form of manipulation whatsoever. Our system will certainly be able to detect and we wouldn’t want to suspend any accounts because of this.

Last but not least thank you once again and lets look forward to building FXU to greater heights!!!

Thank you.



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